Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers offer unmatched functionalities. Compared to traditional shared hosting plans, dedicated servers offer increased security and speed. With a dedicated server, you are leasing an entire server. With traditional shared hosting plans, you share a server with dozens, or even hundreds, of other websites. As you can imagine, a lot can go wrong with so many websites fighting for the resources of a single server. Let’s look at some of the reasons that might make you opt for dedicated hosting plans.

Benefits Of Dedicated Servers

Having an entire server to yourself might seem like overkill, especially if you are a new website owner, but it is not. The demands of internet users and search engines place considerable weight on the speed and quality of a website. With this in mind, dedicated servers are not such a bad idea. After all, they give you access to all the computing power you need to make your websites and applications tower above the rest.

All Internet technologies at your finger with dedicated Servers

Search engines, such as Google, indicated a while ago that they would start ranking websites according to their loading speeds. Slower loading websites would be ranked lower in search engine results as a consequence. Hosting a website on a dedicated server can increase the loading speed for a website by a factor of 5, especially for resource-intensive sites. Therefore, dedicated servers can help in increased user retention, internet visibility, and user engagement.

Improved Website Security

Dedicated servers offer improved security compared to shared hosting plans. Since the server only hosts a single website, the chances of misconfigurations that expose vulnerabilities to hackers, are minimised. In a shared hosting environment, a single security flaw in one of the websites can lead to the compromise of hundreds of websites hosted on the same server. However, with dedicated hosting, such situations can be avoided.

The Cost Of Dedicated Servers

Previously, the cost of dedicated servers saw them isolated to companies and high-net-worth individuals. However, prices have dropped so much that you can reap the benefits of a dedicated server without breaking the bank. With a dedicated server, your website gains a tremendous increase in speed, that search engines and users notice and appreciate. You also get to protect your digital assets and business at the same time.